Friday, January 14, 2011

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We often face difficulties what is the meaning of some terms in Internet or Computer, and we always find that terms everyday. Internet terms and their own computers often remains difficult for experts because the language of computer science and new technologies that the Internet is constantly developing and creating new terms that had not previously been known in the science of linguistics. It is therefore not a direct translation of a term rarely feels awkward to say or write. For example, cookies seem odd if the term is translated as 'bread' in the Indonesian language. Translator-interpreter must try every possible with its original meaning by not making an equivalent term which will not be used by users who are familiar with the term in another language.
Many of the terms Internet and a computer that has a long history of making sense of the word actually blurred, as an example is the famous brand names that are often taken from the vocabulary of the language in which the company is located. Thus, the terms that have been mixed with the culture and history of a nation will be increasingly difficult to translate into a completely different culture and no history of the internet and computers the same length. For example, in this case is the term desktop absolutely nothing to do with the 'table' or 'surface'

I hope this new blog can help us to find what is the exactly meaning for some terms in IT, therefore this blog's name is IT Language

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