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Brainware Computer

Brainware computer is any person involved in the use of computer or data processing system. Brainware also be interpreted as an intellectual device that operates and explore the capabilities of computer hardware and computer software. Without this brainware impossible sophisticated hardware and software that can even be utilized to the fullest. Based on utilization rates, computer brainware divided into 4 levels:

A. System Analyst

System Analyst is a person who is responsible for research, planning, coordinating, and recommending the selection of software and systems best suited to the needs of business organizations or companies. System Analyst also plays a very important role in the process of system development. A systems analyst must have at least four skills: analysis, technical, managerial, and interpersonal (communicating with others). Analysis capability allows a system analyst to understand the behavior of the organization and its functions, this understanding will assist in identifying and analyzing the best possible settlement of the problem. Technical expertise will help a system analyst to understand the potential and limitations of information technology. And a system analyst must be able to work with different types of programming languages, operating systems and hardware used. Managerial skills will help an analyst system for managing projects, resources, risks, and changes. Interpersonal skills will help the system analyst in interacting with end users as well as programmers, system administrators and other professions.

B. Programmer

Programmer is someone who has the ability to master one or many programming languages such as C, Pascal, Java, etc.. Programmers can also be said as a maker and the officer who prepared the program needed a computerized system that will be designed.

C. Administrator

The administrator is the person in charge of managing an operating system and programs running on a computer system or computer network.

D. Operator

Operators are regular users who only use an existing computer system or the term he uses only apilkasi-specific applications.

4 levels above the brainware / general users of a computer system. Actually in the IT field is still a lot brainware brainware other computer-like Technician, Graphic Designer, Network Specialist, etc.. But it is not mandatory you should know, you must know enough these 4 levels
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