Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 is a Windows Phone smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress 2012. It is designed for young consumers that are buying their first smartphone.
The series name Lumia is the plural form of the word Lumi, which is Finnish, means 'snow'.
The Lumia 610 has a curvy, metallic design. Like the Lumia 710, it comes in cyan, magenta, black and white. The black and magenta version have a rubberized back instead of the glossy back as found in the white and cyan version of this phone.

Because of the limited memory available on this phone, background tasks using over 90 MB of RAM will be disabled automatically and certain applications will not be able to run.
Applications whose user experience is not up to par with Nokia and the application (like Skype, Angry Birds or Pro Evolution Soccer) expectation, will not be available from the marketplace.

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