Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Successful Business Online

Are you planning on an online business? What comes first on your mind when you are planning on such business? To me, it must be a good website. After that, I would like to think about the good web host; a trustworthy Website Hosting company which provides space on a server specifically only for my website. 

Why only for my website? It is all because having online business means we will have a lot of extra databases that may provide forum and shopping carts in order that customers can keep coming. For that purpose, we can use Dedicated Servers service offered by a web host. With a dedicated serve, we may use full space on the server for our own. Therefore, you will not be bothered with lack of database.

Not only thinking about the database, I may also consider thinking about the crash that may happen due to the data transfer traffic. For this problem, I would reflect on the Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting makes sure that there will always be at least one server that is available to cope up with the load on the cluster when one of them is not working.

A good web host will usually also includes Reseller Hosting service. This service enables us to resell the web hosting packages to our own customer with our own brand name whilst the company stays in the back to support with the organization of the server hardware and software.

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