Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting the Most out of your iPhone

Everyone loves their iPhone no matter if it’s in an iPhone 4GS case or if you’ve managed to get your hands on the brand new iPhone 5. But the thing most people don’t realize is that you are only getting about half of the features you could be getting with your phone when it comes out of the box. You get access to hundreds of thousands of apps, but the iOS on this beautiful hardware is locked down tighter than a maximum security prison. You can deck out your phone with all the sick Verizon iPhone cases you want, but you still won’t be able to customize your phone in the way you would an Android phone.
However, it is getting easier and easier to jailbreak your phone now. Not only will you be able to tweak your phone exactly the way you want it, it’s also perfectly legal now to jailbreak your iPhone. So slap on a few unique cases for iPhone 4 and figure out how to jailbreak your beautiful device. Not only will you have hours of fun downloading and tweaking your device, you will get a whole new jailbroken App store at your fingertips as well.

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