Friday, February 27, 2015


Samsung introduces new refrigerator which has vital features such as Twin Cooling System, multi flow, tall dispenser and cool select zone. The twin cooling system refrigerator uses two independent evaporators and fans driven by a powerful compressor to supply the optimum level of cooling air separately to the refrigeration and freezer compartments. The air between compartments doesn’t mix, keeping food fresh and tasty. Multi flow of air keeps every shelf level cool always by Uniform temperature throughout the compartment. Taller dispenser opening gets pure water and ice readily. Blue LED lighting allows an easy dispensing even in darkness.
To accommodate the demands of various tastes and needs with versatile functions. Cool Select Zone allows you to select the temperature to meet your storage needs at the touch of a button. Plus, the white lighting in the zone provides an easy view of food day or night. Quick cool mode means can have cold beverages whenever you want. Enjoy this ultra convenient feature, especially during parties where we can never have enough cold drinks. The Thaw Mode helps unfreezes the steaks in high-humidity without losing delicacy. The thaw mode defrosts hard frozen meat easily without losing its original flavor and moisture. Soft Freeze Mode provides the perfect solution for storage of fresh meat, poultry and fish. At -5°C, these items are safely stored for a longer period of time, while remaining firm enough to be easily sliced. At 0°C, Zero Mode food receives optimal humidity that helps maintain and extend optimal freshness. At this temperature, moisture within the food is contained, preserving taste and freshness. In Cool Mode, Fruits and vegetables retain maximum freshness and crispness because of the optimal humidity provided by the Cool Select Zone. Capacity is 585 L.

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