Stock market is major money transfer in every country. In ultra-fast world, where the stock market is concerned, a few minutes can affect one’s profit and loss margin. Stock market prices and market fluctuations can literally change in minutes. The facility to trade stocks from a mobile enables you to keep up with any changes in the stock market, make decisions as to whether to buy or sell based on those changes, and complete the transaction in a timely manner. Mobile Trader is a portable dealing application available on any internet-enabled mobile device.  Although lightweight, the platform offers traders all the tools found in our computer-based software in an easy-to-navigate display.
The broking house will just have to develop an application and help the client install this in his GPRS enables cell phone. The investor has to login into the application using the same id/passcode as that of DEMAT account used on internet with the brokerage house. It helps manage account in real time and place FX orders directly on the market. It has limited reporting capabilities and Special App for iPhone & iPod Touch use.