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7 Steps Towards Your Great Blog Posts

Everyone can write. The main thing is to start, and your inspiration will do everything for you.
Every blogger wants his articles be attractive, interesting and useful for readers, but very often it happens so, that no inspiration is found for blog posts.
Where to find it? How to write really great blog posts?
It is also very important to remember, that your blog content can have a big influence on your blog’s SEO in general.
The better your articles are – the more people will read them and share them via different social networks!
What does it mean? More traffic for your blog, its better reputation, new readers, its higher positions in searc hengines, and so on.
As far as you can see, not only links and keywords are important for SEO, but a content of your blog too. That is why let’s talk about how to make your blog posts really great and attractive, as this information can really help you improve your SEO much.
We offer you 7 steps that can help find your inspiration and make your blog post really unique. Follow them, and you will always write your articles with pleasure.
And it’s always pleasant to write posts which your readers find interesting, isn’t it?

1 . Write About What You Are Really Interested In

This is the simplest way to develop your unique writing style and attract your inspiration. This can be your springboard to a wide writing world.
To make a long story short, a good writer starts where a passionate writer can be found: write about things interesting for you, or about what you are learning right now. If you can do this, you will be able to write about everything afterwords.
There are 2 ways to start such a writing, and they will depend on a topic: if your blog is too personal, and you write there about your own thoughts, then just sit and write all words and sentences that come to your mind at the moment.
But if you plan to blog on a specific niche, then it would be useful to make a list of topics that interest you most of all. And make a draft.

2 . Read Your Draft and Re-Write It to Another File

This will be your second draft. You can use both of them for the final variant of your article.
Two drafts are often enough for the majority of writers, but don’t be sad if you are not good with that at once.
"Your Blog Your Way" sentence written on a wall

3 . Make a Small Research

Take a look at other articles of the same topic. What have been written already in comparison with your work?
If you find some additional information, you can add it to your article (with your own words of course).
Do not forget to make a research.
Who knows, maybe you’ve missed any important and interesting information which can be used for your own posts?

4 . Read Your Article

How good were you in expressing your ideas? Do you need to change paragraphs’ location? Is everything logically combined? Has all information been given to a reader?
Make sure that you haven’t missed anything, and told everything you wanted and planned to tell.

5 . Re-Read Your Introduction

Is it good enough to attract your readers’ attention? Think over the best way to introduce your work.
It can be a short story for example, a new information, a surprising and unusual fact, or some research’s results.

6 . Re-Read Your Conclusion

Have you finished your writing or just stopped it?
You better check if your conclusion is REALLY conclusion to make a final point. Use such forms as “to sum up”, “in this regard”, and so on.

7 . Re-Read Your Whole Article Once Again

Make all changes needed. Pay attention to your grammar and punctuation. Re-read it once again.
It may seem strange a bit, but such steps will help you start writing really great blog posts.
When you are experienced enough, you will be able to miss some of these steps as they won’t be necessary for you anymore. And writing experience is easy to get: all you need is writing, writing and more writing.
Oh yes, don’t forget about reading as well: it’s always useful to read other authors too.

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