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9 Things You Can Do With Old Android Phone


Everyday new devices are becoming new to the market, and it makes the bustle of frequent changes and exchange of devices to new devices, while keeping old devices afloat.

If your device is Android-based device, you may do some interesting things to use it, and not let old devices go so far in your home.

1. Sell

As usual, one of the main things that can be done if you have a device that is not used is to sell it.

For local users, you may sell them on some popular pages, such as in Lelong, Easy and so on. There are some phone shops that buy used appliances instead of users - but the price they offer may not be so high (they need to make a profit through it).

In addition to selling it, you may also provide the appliance to the nearest family expert who has a device that is longer than your used device.

2. Using It To Learn Android Coding

Android Boot

Crowds are not so fond of learning how to root or flash something ROM on their main device. However, if you have unused used appliances, you may study this case and give a new breath back to your used smart phone.

3. Using It As a Hotspot Modem

Portable Hotspot

If you have an additional SIM with a data subscription, you may use your unused device to use as a modem as an easy way to share internet access together with other devices.

4. Dedicate for Reading Purposes

If you have a tablet or phablet used, one of the things you can do is use it as a fixed reading tablet.

There are several apps that offer interesting reading material, including Google Play Books, Pulse, Flipboard, Zinio, and so on.

You may also install apps instead of local publishers like Metro Daily, Daily News and so on, and use your tablet or phablet to access daily news reading material using it.

5. Use It As Picture Frame Or Digital Clock

For those of you who have a computer desk or work table, one of the interesting things that can be done is to change it into a digital picture frame or change it to expose the future.


Among the interesting apps that help for this case are Dayframe (for digital picture frames), or Timely (to turn it into a digital clock).

6. Control Devices For Televisions And Computers

Gmote For those of you who are actively using televisions, one of the things you can use old Android devices is to turn them into remote controls, and play the media using them. To make things easier, you may get Chromecasts sold for RM150 in Malaysia, and you can play a variety of things, including from YouTube with ease using them.

In addition to televisions, you can also use aplikais like Gmote to escort your computer, including to play music on your computer, escort PowerPoint files, and use it as a touchpad.

7. Use It As a Safety Camera

Android smart phones on this day often come with camera support. One of the things you can do with old Android devices is to use them, and turn them to web-based safety cameras.

IP Webcam

To change your device as a safety camera, one of the applications that makes it easy is the Webcam IP. Just as you finish installing it on the device, you can enable it and see the progress of your device lens using the web browser on your computer.

8. Turning It into a Kind Childhood Device

On this day, it may be said that the little slaves have begun using smart devices. Instead of purchasing new devices, you can change Android 2.2 and up-to-date devices to child-friendly devices.

There are several applications that facilitate the case, and one of them is Zoodles Kid Mode. It lets you specify apps that are accessible, including with child-friendly content easily.

9. Using It As A GPS In Vehicles

For Android, there are several mapping apps that come with support for loading and falling mapping data and using it offline. This case will simultaneously allow you to use your old Android smart phone as a GPS in a vehicle, as well as using a motorist in the vehicle for the purpose of charging the device.

In addition to this, there are several other uses that you may use for the device

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