Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Prevent Smartphones from Overheating

How to prevent smartphone from overheating is actually very easy to do. It's just that sometimes someone does not understand the various causes. As a result of various habits that can generate excessive heat on the phone still forwarded. A smartphone or smartphone is a phone that is easier to heat faster than feature phone when run in the same time range.

Naturally, because smartphones generally have high data access and more often activated, especially for users who have addict. And, to avoid overheating the following things can be done:

Temporary rest. If the phone starts to warm up a bit better be silenced first. This is to lower the temperature of the phone so as not to over limit.

Avoid exposure to sunlight. Smartphones, especially, more easily heat quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Smartphones also automatically will die if the temperature is there at a certain degree.

Disable games. The game app is a battery power drain and vulnerable to excessive heat in the smartphone. Because the phone does not have a cooling fan like on a PC or laptop, then the heat will occur quite quickly when playing a game application.

Open the extra casing. The goal is to heat the phone down dramatically. The extra casing often keeps the heat on the mobile phone trapped and can not get out through the air circulation hole.

Decrease screen brightness. The lower the screen brightness of the phone then the potential for excessive heat can be reduced. Batteries are also more efficient.

Use a glare screen. Its use can make the shade and visible when worn under the hot sun. The phone can also set the brightness at the lowest position.

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