Thursday, June 29, 2017

Been Busy…New Website, Apple, New Job

Have been so busy lately mostly with my new job as there is still lots of thing I need to do some catching up and needed to focus more time on my career. Also, I have invested myself a brand new Macbook Pro, it has brought quite a lot of ups and down in this recent months. I bought the old model, and only notice a month later, it is now pretty worthless as the 15″ is now the new model is packed with a quadcore i7. So knowing that my laptop is most probably on a 2 year shelf life, I needed to work harder to get the ROI from this new Macbook Pro.

Apple is quite a unique thing but it is not as good as I thought it would be. Firstly, the unibody which I had high expectation as it is a aluminum body which helps to lose heat easily. But it is not that cool that I can work on my lap. Previously, I had a HP Elite Pro from my work, which is an aluminum body laptop, but the bottom is still plastic, I could work pretty well on it even to work an hour or two on my lap.

Moreover I had to learn so many more shortkeys, but it is just too much, I miss the delete, home and end button from the Windows keyboard. Luckily, I still have my desktop but I can’t afford to throw this investment so I will need to bear with it for 2 years until I make my decision for another laptop/desktop.

Plus side is that there is quite some nice program that comes with the Apple OS and the swiping is quite neat that I am less dependent on a mouse.

As for the new website, I am still doing the data entry and trying it out, hopefully it will get better results compare to all my previous websites.

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