Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beginning your Career with the NHS as a Junior Doctor

NHS hospital jobs not only take into account the recruitment of senior doctors but also consider the employment of junior doctors. According to the available statistics, there are as many as 6500 junior doctors who have graduated from medical schools in the United Kingdom this year. They are expected to become a part of the 140,000 strong workforce of doctors who currently work for NHS in England.

In the NHS scheme of things junior doctors are referred to as F1 or foundation year doctors and they participate in a two year programme that includes mental health trusts and acute foundation and the students are exposed to various specialties.

The foundation programme launched by the NHS is comparatively new one and is an extension of the government’s drive to reform medical careers. The programme was introduced to serve as a bridge between general practice training meant for doctors and medical school specialist.
Junior doctors who are a part of the foundation programme are offered a surgical position for a span of three months and another three months in a medical post to offer trainee or junior level doctors with adequate exposure and experience. During the course of the second year, three different placements are offered, each for tenure of four months and in diverse specialties. This offers the trainees another opportunity to try their hand at various specialisations before opting for one as a career option.  They can pursue a specialty that interests them the most.

Training to become a doctor is undoubtedly a difficult task as it takes years of hard work and intensive study attain that position. The NHS offers adequate scope when it comes to jobs for doctors.
You will end up becoming a part of a reputed team of doctors when you complete the training programme and be suitable for recruitment in some of the leading medical establishments across the country.
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