Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dominating Top 10 on Google with Youtube in Hours

Dont ask me the secret, this not a about selling ebook secret, even babies can do it. So, what to be prepare?
1. You have a Youtube account
2. Create an account, with this free video services, user allow to make 30 seconds videos with multiple images.
3. Upload your product images. Dont have an image? search on Google Images billions free image  to download.
4. On last frame when you generate Animoto video, you have 2 line words. Type your domain or just say Thanks for watching this Craps
5. Wait view minutes, download your Animoto video, then upload to Youtube
6. Make simple video description, make sure the 1st line is about your video, the 2nd link put your url (aff url, blog, etc).
7. Your tags is your based keywords, and the main point video TITLE keep it short 4-5 words.

The last, relaxes on your chair. Check your video has been appear on google result or not with put your video TITLE as keywords.

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