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Handsome Boys

Are Good Looks The Only Factor When looking For A Partner?
This can be a confusing question for many people because they come from different backgrounds and mentalities. Some would agree to it, but some may not. It also depends on how you were brought up, which really play an important factor in deciding your views. There are also studies that proved that every person has a DNA code in their body that determines how they are going to choose their partner. However I could not remember where I read it to further elaborate. 

But anyway, if you ask around, especially the ladies, I am sure that most would tell you that she is looking for a man that is handsome and good looking. I doubt anyone could deny this.
We are living in the world that define good with good looks. Just look at any advertisement in any magazine. They are feeding our brains with it.

Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for a partner that has good looks, it is important to understand that it should not be the only factor that you should focus on when you’re looking for someone. 

You should understand that a person can look really good from the outside but ugly or empty from the inside. For example, a handsome man could have no character or personality. Even though many women will get attracted to handsome men, they will probably get bored eventually. Individuals who enter relationships based on looks are the ones that are most likely going to breakup because the charm fades away eventually. 

This concept can also be applied on women where men are usually attracted to beautiful women even if they don’t have other important features. Remember the dumb blonde jokes? Once the women’s beauty begins diminishing, men will start getting bored and will even begin finding faults that weren’t clear in the beginning.
This is why women should be very careful when they’re entering a relationship to avoid getting heartbroken or cheated on. If you are looking for a partner with good looks, then you might get that only.
What should you look for?
There are many other factors and when looking for a partner for life, you should look for someone that is intelligent, faithful, compassionate, communicative, and caring … plus the curves and big boobs … ha..ha..ha :P
One of the most important thing in every relationship is the person’s character. A person’s character is the only thing that can’t be hidden no matter what. You should never forget to take personality into consideration even if you are searching for a beautiful man or women. If the person you are with doesn’t have any tolerance, this is a sign that you relationship won’t last for a long time.
Compatibility is an essential factor that should be found in any type of relationship. This will ensure that you will be able to connect properly with your loved one and solve any arising problem. It is essential that you’re both physically and emotionally compatible. 

Mutual respect is also very important because this will ensure that you will both be able to share anything openly. This will prevent any problems from ruining your relationship. 

Many women look for a man that is funny and will make her laugh. This quality is important because a funny man will be able to get you through most rough situations easily and smoothly. Be careful not to get hooked with a joker though, as he might not take anything seriously. 

What ever critera you are looking for, don’t based on good looks alone. You should also never look for factors based on someone else’s relationship. Every single individual is different. Someone who is funny might be suitable for you but could be irritating for someone else. This is why you should be very careful and also open when you’re choosing a partner.
Courtship is extremely important if you are looking to extend the relationship till marriage. Take your time and enjoy life.
Just don’t take to long. Someone else may just be eying for the same person :)

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