Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Landing Pages an Effective Tool for Conversion

Internet marketing is simply creating waves beyond expectations. There are so many strategies to attract traffic to your website in this era of Internet marketing. Only the conversion rate will speak of your success.  Landing page is the effective tool that you can get when it comes to converting those visitors to subscribers and enrollments to buyers.

Landing pages are the key to keep your customers engaged and giving them what they need under a minute. Whether your goal is to get a visitor to click, buy, register for something or tell a friend about your site or services’, optimizing your landing pages is the key to a successful campaign.

Any page that you create for your website can be your landing page. Though landing pages can be any page, the idea is to design it for a specific purpose of landing page is to give gist of what your product or service is. There should be points and not paragraphs that list what you are going to do. The content should be short and crisp. Tell your customers what they can benefit instead of selling the product.

Some landing pages have ridiculously longer lead forms that will make the customer go crazy in half the way on filling the form. Make the lead forms to be as simple and short as possible. The shorter your lead form, the more likely a potential customer is to fill it out.

Your landing pages are designed only for one purpose that is to convert a customer. There should be only one call to action as filling in the form or subscribing. Any other added stuff might simply confuse your customers.

Test all the variations of the page. This may save you from an embarrassing situation like the forms not being submitted or not loading properly etc.

If you own a Facebook fan page or a blog make it easier for the customers to share it.  Try to add simple links for social media this will allow you to keep your customers engaged throughout the sales process and beyond.

Creating a landing page and putting it to use is an art by itself. It can be perfected only with experience so never lose hope in case you have to optimize it for a number of times. Remember practice makes man perfect.

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