Friday, June 30, 2017

SEO Changed So Much

I must say that I had not blog much or concentrate much on what I always liked to do online, which is to do Search Engine Optimization. But due to another newborn, migrating and new job role, I am struggling to keep this interest. Also at the same time, it is no longer profiting for me to do this.

Previously I own tones of website and all frequently update. But now I only own a hand full of core website that I focus. At the same time, I felt sad that there is so many effort going onto these website and it seems to be going down. 

So I am trying to work on a few of my blog mainly my web guru tech which is the first website I have done, and then focus for blog Home Renovation website that is more of little online business I had pass to my family to manage since I am no longer in Malaysia. Also trying to start some project that is more related to my career in telecommunication industry just to keep my interest. So any tips, with all the Panda and Penguin, wonder if there any new way (white hat) to optimize my website? Any tips?

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