Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Will CR7 leave Real Madrid?

Will CR7 leave Real Madrid? According to Florentino Perez, it may-just happen. However, the president of Los Blancos insists, any club interested in getting the 32-year-old player must pay his contract termination clause. In fact, the clause is worth 1 billion euros.

Hot issue about the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the Santiago Bernabeu has not abated. But Florentino Perez, who has just been elected president of Real Madrid for the next four years, calmed the Madridistas in any hemisphere. Perez did say, Ronaldo could have left. But his club of interest will pay almost 10 times the price of Paul Pogba when he bought Manchester United last summer.

Perez revealed to Onda Cero, "I have not spoken to him yet (Cristiano Ronaldo), but I will be talking in the coming days. In addition, he has a contract termination clause of 1 billion Euros. Unless a club is willing to pay that number, Cristiano will not leave. "

One thing that makes Cristiano Ronaldo cold hot is a tax evasion allegations attributed to him. The Portugal international was charged with cheating Spanish tax authorities for 14.7 million euros. The figure was obtained from the image rights hoard between 2011 to 2014; By creating a fictitious company in a tax-exempt country.

About this allegation, Florentino Perez said, "(Allegations) This is very strange, I will defend him as a player and as a human being. I know Cristiano and he is a good person; Whether from a professional or personal point of view. People certainly can not just talk about it as a bad person. It bothers and hurts me. "

"I do not know the tax situation in detail. I can only say that we all have to fulfill our tax obligations. But I do not doubt Cristiano (about tax). What I'm saying is, he's using the same company he used when he was in England (while still playing at Manchester United), and there's no problem there. "

Florentino Perez also confirmed, Real Madrid do not need to urge Cristiano Ronaldo to do anything. Because, "We have released our support proof statement to Cristiano. Nothing to do Real Madrid. Cristiano will fulfill its fiscal obligations. And there's always a solution for everything. "

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