Thursday, July 6, 2017

Are you still blogging?

I know that I may have not blog on IT LAnguage  for quite some time now as time as change and do little blogging but focuses more on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for some of my website. Blogging has never quite been a successful journey for me especially for this blog as I am still few hundreds visitor daily due to some great content written in the past.

Anyhow I still do maintain a few blog especially a  that a friend of mine and me have been writing it for more than 2 and 8 months. Some of the Malaysian bloggers that I have seen quitting but their blog are still online as they have other aims to maintain the hosting including  (from daily to monthly) and titan  (although I know she still maintains her personal blog). <— I did a trackbacks hopefully they will see this and not be covered by all the comments yet to be approved.
I am at the same boat as those above as I believe there are so many more better information website or question & answer website that could provide solution to the public. But this blog has helped me a little in my career as I have noted down some tips for mysql and I tend to come back to refer as a notes, so I think I will try to maintain it as long as possible.

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