Monday, July 10, 2017

Combine Fundraiser and Elementary School Science Fair

There are also elementary school science lessons that get kidsexcited. In fact, almost every science lesson is exciting. They are somuch more entertaining than reading books and learning about history.The kids get to experiment hands on and learn about how science isconstantly surrounding us. A popular science lesson is the parachuteegg experiment. This is when the teacher gives the students a fewsupplies like toilet paper, an egg, a roll of tape, and a small box.Then the teacher explains that the students need to create somethingthat will protect the egg and not let it crack when the drop if from atwo story building. The kids have an hour two create this parachute orbox or whatever they want to make. Then each kid tests theirs one byone to see if they passed. 

This is such a fun experiment because itgets the kids talking and thinking instead of just sitting andlistening. Teachers also like it because it is a fairly cheapexperiment, (although cleaning it up is not always fun).

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