Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Download video from YouTube

My usual way to download and convert YouTube video does not work anymore, I was kind of disappointed as it is web base service and it converts as you download it, which is fast.
But I really wanted to copy this Guy Sebastian & Paulini ‘s Receive the Power song. It is the theme song for World Youth Day 2008, in Sidney. You could download the original mp3 version of the World Youth Day 2008 theme song but not the video.
This technique is slightly different but it works.

  1. First you will need this Firefox Plugin to Download YouTube video (flv).
  2. Then you need a free converter to the format you need. Download Free flv to mp4 or Download free fly to avi/mpeg/wmv.
  3. You are done! no more steps!

or the ither choice visit KEEPVID.COM AND COPY THE URL OF VIDEO  from you tube and done its simple

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