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It’s that day of the week again. You hope for a guest post to be pending for review, but there is no such post in existence. You need an idea. Anything. Your readers are demanding content.
You must satisfy them. You search social media. You take a break. You ask people what they want you to write about. You get the idea. You’re all set to get writing, right? Wrong.
Most blog posts generally [for a lack of better words] suck because of one reason – they’re forced. That article you spent three hours writing could have been a thousand times better in forty minutes. You may be wondering how that’s possible.

The Constraints of Forced-Writing

The Causes

You found the idea that you’re going to write about. It’s not the greatest of ideas, but hey, it’s an idea. You sluggishly open WordPress and begin to craft a title and then…
The flow of the creative juices is stopped – you’re brain dead. All too often, this very scenario happens to bloggers. They get caught up in the mindset of a fixed posting schedule that they abide to as if it were the law.
The simple fact of the matter is that if you aren’t passionate about the idea, nothing great will come out of it. Even the greatest of writers will struggle if they aren’t passionate – it’s how the human brain works.

The Result

Nearly three hours after the idea hatched inside of your head, you begin re-reading the article. With a look of disgust resting in your eyes, you quickly skim the words that piled upon one-another.
The result wasn’t great, and you know it. Three hours earned you a very low-quality article that you are positive your audience will think is terrible.
That doesn’t matter to you, though. You need an article. You hit publish.
Forcing your writing is never a good idea. It shows – the quality staggers, and the mood changes. The article quickly dies off. Unique visitors are appalled – they leave. Returning visitors don’t share the article. You provided the article that your schedule demands, but was it worth it?

The Fix

The simple answer is no. It’s never worth it to compromise quality for the quantity. Ever.
The question, therefore, arises – what do we do when we don’t have passion to write an article, or even an idea to base it around? That answer is quiet simple, too – log out of WordPress.
That’s right. I told you to just log out of WordPress. Don’t even bother writing the article. Quiet frankly, it’s better to conserve the idea for a later article when you’re inspired. Although a bit far-fetched, we can easily relate the situation to Apple.
The original Apple iPad was thought-up nearly twenty years before it was created. The iPhone and iPod Touch were released before the iPad. Why was this product of the future withheld? A lack of quality materials.
Steve Jobs knew that the materials weren’t good enough for the product he imaged. Thus, he waited to begin development. Picture an iPad with an even cheaper screen, breaking with just a flick. Perhaps it lost its camera. The processor could have been slower than your computer running Windows 1995.
Things could have been a lot different if it was forced.

Is Your Writing Forced?

FORCED WRITING: THE WORST CONTENT EVER 4.5 5 ABD KADIR Rusdi Thursday, July 27, 2017 It’s that day of the week again. You hope for a guest post to be pending for review, but there is no such post in existence. You need a...

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