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My Secret Formula To Increase Blog Traffic By 100%

Want To Increase Blog Traffic using some Quick but Effective Formulas? Yes! Then Below Are Some of my secret formula to supercharge your blog traffic by 100%.Till now, I am sure that you have already read tons of articles to improve your blog traffic but not getting any effective formulas to do so, Aren’t I am right. OK So using effective tactics is really a great way in order to increase blog traffic and to do so we need to have patience and also hard work.

Increase Blog Traffic by 100%

To increase blog traffic not only mean to write contents but also having many other ways to do so. Newbies often leave blogging due to poor traffic to their blog and past few years to increase blog traffic only mean to have a big list of emails of followers. But as SEO is changing day by day and becoming more efficient and more formulas that newbies often get’s confused with it. So with the point of view we are covering an article by which you could increase blog traffic effectively.

1. Build A Large Network On Twitter:

You are might forgetting that Twitter is still there having the name of 3rd largest social media site in the world. As like Facebook you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog even more than Facebook, What you need is to build a large network of followers, friends, fans, in twitter. Make a community and share your experiences try as much as possible to be friendly with everyone. Once you are successful in building a large network then it’s not far for you to increase blog traffic.
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Schedule Your Posts in Social Sites

If you might not getting enough time to be online on Twitter then you could schedule your posts there. This will help you to be active there. There are probably many sites by which you could automatically post in scheduled time. Some apps like Buffer is a greats tool by which you could automatically post in many social media at once.

Guest Post on High Authority Sites

Guest Posting on High Authority sites not only help you to increase blog traffic but also helps you too to be a great author as if you are guest posting in any authority site then obviously you will get a authority backlink and too you could get high targeted traffic from that blog too. You can target the sites which are based on United States and other developed countries as if you target those sites then your earning will be more.

Optimize Your Blog Using Yoast (WP Plugin)

Yoast is a great and really effective plugin by which you could optimize your blog’s seo accurately without much efforts. Just you need to set it up correctly and once done it will help you to correctly optimize your blog. Some other great WP Plugins like All-in-one SEO by WordPress, Jetpack are really good.

Optimize Your Blog For Mobiles

Currently Mobile population is extremely high and if you are unable to serve the mobile users just like the PC/Desktop users then you are doing a great mistake. Currently 80% of bloggers use mobile devices to visit and checkout blogs and if you are not attractive enough then your’s bounce rate might increase and you would not get much visitors.

Write Eye Catching Headline

As well as the article you should always means MUST write an eye catching headline for your article in order to attract visitors and readers to your blog. If your article’s heading is not attractive enough then sorry to say but you may not able to drive good traffic to your blog. Add something interesting and an title that everyone would be surprised to see it.

Interview Pro Bloggers

Pro Bloggers having many fans and readers is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. If you are smart enough to invite a pro blogger for an interview in your blog then you will be driving a lot of traffic to your blog. Till now I think I have interviewed 10 Pro Bloggers around the world which helped me to drive enormous traffic to my blog.

Link Your Blog With Youtube

Youtube is the 2nd largest Search Engine after Google and is the 1st Video Sharing Site around the globe. So linking your blog with your Youtube channel is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. When you are making tutorials in Youtube be sure to advertise your blog in the video too. But be sure don’t do over advertisement as it would be taken as spam.


So now we have over loaded our head with some great way to increase blog traffic and also to supercharge it. So you must follow them in order to increase blog traffic and also be sure to add them in your to do list so that you may not forget. You could also bookmark it so that you could read it later too. If you have any questions then feel free to ask. Peace and Happy Blogging
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