Tuesday, July 4, 2017

work at Home: Why Do People Fail?

The world of the business opportunity is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Fuelled by the modern desire to want more from life, especially wealth and freedom, people are seeking ways to escape from their corporate environment, their job, and employed status. 

The rewards are huge if successful; once a winning formula is discovered, it can be used to shape a whole lifetime. All of a sudden, choice and freedom are available. Having such an independent lifestyle can (and usually does) erase much of the stress and depression that exists in the lives of many people nowadays.

Those seeking this Holy Grail can spend a lot of money – often thousands – on ideas, or they can spend an inordinate amount of time devising their own plans.

Yet, it is a strange fact that very few of us who buy, or are given, or invent a business opportunity succeed.

Why is this?
Very often, of course, it is the actual business opportunity or plan that is used. Some exist simply to line the pockets of the writers – not the readers. However, there are countless reliable, proven ways to build a very profitable business that can be run from home. Some people will run with an idea and become very successful and yet someone else, following the same plan, will not. Can the reasons for this be dependent solely on intelligence, experience, gender, race or genes? Surprisingly, no. What usually separates the winners from the losers is attitude and, in particular, the ability, or will, to act. The winners possess fearlessness or, at least, a resistance to the effects of the fear of failure.
The losers, very often manifest this fear into what is known as analysis paralysis: a tendency to keep trying to make a plan exactly right before executing (if we don’t try then we can’t fail). This is obviously a paradox; the very state of inaction produces the failure.

If any blame for ineffectiveness can be levelled at a plan in question, it is in the almost universal lack of emphasis on the importance to act. Action produces results, and from these results we can act again, thereby moving ever close to our destination.

So, if we want to progress with our chosen idea, then it helps to keep in mind that well-known advertising slogan: Just Do It!

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