5 Effective On Page and Off Page SEO Strategy

 on Friday, August 4, 2017  

Search Engines algorithms and SEO is changing very effectively with the introducing of many new inventions around us. But peoples are learning still they forget many things and by the time they used to remember it they become outdated due to another new algorithms, changes, strategies.

At this point we should be aware and well known to the new and the effective SEO strategies, And I hereby suggest you to read this article and get hang with those SEO Strategy. In this article I have listed some of the important On Page and Off Page SEO Strategy which could help you to put forward your blog to the next level and to rank higher in Search Engines.
SEO having two major parts is essential to apply both or else we can’t get the required strength to boost our blog’s ranking. SEO is divided into two parts which are known as On Page – The SEO Strategies which are applied in the page itself and Off Page – The SEO Strategies which are applied out side of our blog.
On Page and Off Page SEO
According to the researches On Page is important as it doesn’t affect the Search Engine Ranking as it’s a way to determine the search engines that how well your blog is optimized and it’s a code of instruction that what you are serving your readers about. Whereas both are essential in order to have better ranking in search engines and to drive traffic from various sources.
Below we have listed some of the effective On Page and Off Page SEO which you could use in order to get higher ranking, drive traffic, building online reputation, and also to market your site in order to survive in the world of SEO.
On Page SEO Strategies
Now as we have got familiar with the parts of SEO which is On Page and Off Page Strategy, Now it’s time to learn the basis of the on page optimization. If you haven’t still got the difference or want to know then I would advice you to read our SEO Guide to know more about it.
1. Internal Link is one of the most important On Page SEO Strategy which we should always keep in mind to apply it. Interlinking is a process of linking the old posts with the new posts/articles in your blog. It helps to connect your old and new posts which helps the Search Engine Crawlers to index more pages of your site.
Adding links pointed to your site is important and you should at-least put 5-6 links in your post. And if you have missed this then it’s still not late yet, You can re-edit your old posts and put the internal links. Remember: If your article is already indexed in the search engine then you could edit your post and then Fetch It As Google from the Webmaster Tools so that Google see that changes has been done and they can crawl the links too.
Note: Always Make Do-Follow The Internal Links Whereas No-Follow To All The External Links.
2. Meta Tags are the set of instruction to the search engine bots to determine what your site is all about. Meta Tag consists of Meta Description (The Description Of Your Site Which Is Usually Of 145 Characters), Meta Title (The Heading Of Your Site With Keywords Following With It), Meta Keywords (Google Claimed That Keywords In Meta is No More Used But There Are Search Engines Like Bing which Still Use It So Adding Is Essential).
While adding keywords make sure that it’s properly researched and is low competitive so that you may rank higher in search engines. Also keep in mind that you should not only apply the keywords in your meta but also you have to use it effectively in your posts to rank higher.
3. Image Optimization is another essential strategy to get higher ranking in Google Image Search. Make sure that you should properly use Alt Tags in the image.
Alt Tags are the meta’s like Keywords, Alternative Name. Make sure that you add keywords which are separated by hyphens (-). For example: Don’t use – photo473.jpg or image8362.png whereas you should use names like this: Daily-SEO-Blog which is consisting your main keyword.
4. Posting Frequently not only help your site to rank higher and higher but also boosts your traffic. Compared to a blog which gets updated frequently like posting daily get’s higher ranking to those who post once a week. It will also helps you to engage your readers.
5. Quality Contents is the main key to success in the era of Blogging and SEO. Peoples whowrite quality contents rules the world. And it’s having a lot of benefit which you can’t even think….Make sure that you provide the most useful information to your readers as it would not only make your readers happy but also make Google happy at the same time.
Off Page SEO Strategies
Till now we have learned about On Page Optimization and How We Can it. Now let us move forward and learn Off Page SEO Strategies. Below we have listed some of the best on page optimization techniques which you could use to boost your traffic, sales, affiliate and many more.
1. Social Bookmarking is one of the most powerful Off Page Technique, As this type of websites update frequently due to having thousands of users available there is liked by The Search Engines and often visit them. But no a days with the increase of spams peoples are spamming there without knowing it’s correct use. So be aware while doing Social Bookmarking. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites are Pinterest, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon.
2. Article Submission is yet another popular off page seo technique in which a blogger writes quality articles and submit them into the directories. This not only improves your traffic but also helps you to get more loyal readers, Some of the most popular article submission site are Ezine, Go Articles, Blog Engage.
3. Answers is a type of program where peoples used to ask and give answers to various questions around everywhere. While answering make sure to smartly put your link so that you get a link back to your site. It will also help you to drive traffic to your blog and to increase you link popularity. You could participate in Yahoo Answers, Cha-Cha, Answers Bay etc.
4. PPC Ads Campaign is the short form of Pay Per Click which is used to drive quality and target traffic from the Search Engines. To drive more traffic you have to pay. Per Click the advertiser has to spend some cash. It’s good when one wants to get more expose and for it you need to have some dollars in your pocket too.
5. Forum Posting is a strategy which is applied when someone creates a profile in the forums they used to give a link/banner of their blog/site which helps to attract new clients, readers and visitors.
So in this article we have learned about some of the most popular and most widely used techniques to promote a brand and to drive traffic. If you apply the above SEO techniques then it’s a guarantee that you would get good results. Make sure that you use them in an effective and in correct way and also remember that you may not spam or else you would get punishment too. Peace and Happy Blogging
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