5 Killer SEO Strategy To Improve Your Blog

 on Thursday, August 3, 2017  

SEO Strategy is endless and at this point we need to know the correct use of SEO in order to improve our blog. A thing we should keep in mind that without proper SEO Strategy it’s probably impossible to get impressive traffic from Search Engines. Want To Boost Your Traffic? Then Here Are Killer SEO Strategy To Improve Your Blog.

Search Engine Optimization also commonly know as SEO is a process of improving a blog’s structure by applying various SEO Strategy to promote a blog and to get impressive traffic from Search Engines.

Killer SEO Strategy To Improve Your Blog:
There have been several questions in our readers mind and to successfully tackle all those SEO Queries we are here with some “Killer SEO Strategy To Improve Your Blog
Be a Student of SEO
SEO a short word but it’s like our studies, It has a starting but no ending as we have already said at the beginning that SEO has no end. Yes But over optimizing a blog is harmful but you could apply them in your blog in order to improve it. Whereas if you are new to SEO then you must read this article and I would recommend you to check our SEO Guide. And if you want more knowledge about SEO then you could also read the Google’s SEO Starter Guide.
Focus On Long Tail Keywords
SEO Expert Lawrence Watkins and other 99.9% SEO Experts recommends to use Long Tail Keywords for your blog as it will be really helpful for your blog to rank higher in search engines and you should know that Keywords is an important part of SEO Strategy.
It might be difficult for you (Newbies) to choose the good keywords but slowly and steadily you could learn everything. Some tips like: Always focus on Low Competitive keywords which is Long Tail Too. A Long tail keywords is a combination of a targeted keyword plus some other keywords too. It commonly have 2-5 words keywords.
Optimize Your Blog Articles
Optimizing your blog articles is really essentail and it’s another main part of the SEO Wheel. A site can’t get higher ranking if it’s doesn’t properly optimized. Some of the killer ways of Optimizing Blog Articles is to use Proper Meta Titles (Heading with Targeted Keywords), Meta Description, Using Proper Keywords, Optimizing Images using Alt Tags, etc.
Provide Your Readers An Amazing Experience
Your readers are the main peoples behind your blog, WHY? Because your blog is judged by the Advertisers and also Google by it’s readership. Don’t think of your contents think of the quality of the article. Few days ago we have posted an article about How To Write Quality Articles For Your Blog, You can read it for more knowledge about writing quality articles.
SO! Quality is the main thing for which your readers are coming to your blog, No matter how much small or big the article is, If it’s quality is good and is really interesting then your readers will be preferring only your site not others for visiting and reading it everyday. If you have no quality in your blog articles then it is not of worth, nor peoples are going to read it nor peoples will going to share it.
Don’t Try To Trick Google
Never ever try to trick Google as it’s smarter enough to distinguish between good and bad. Yes if you trick Google then it may stay for short span of time not for long time and ultimately you will be awarded a great kick by Google Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Algorithm.
If you really want to get good amount of traffic from Google never try to trick it, Provide your readers an amazing experience by reading your articles, Let them say “What a quality article is this” And when you are successful in achieving it then you might clap your hand for yourself.
We have tried to provide each informations as much detailed as possible, And with this 5 Killer SEO Strategy I am sure that you can improve your blog tremoundously. Ranking higher is really a hard work but not impossible, Hard work is the key of success and if you follow this SEO Strategy I am sure you are going to rock your website. Peace and Happy Blogging
5 Killer SEO Strategy To Improve Your Blog 4.5 5 ABD KADIR Rusdi Thursday, August 3, 2017 SEO Strategy is endless and at this point we need to know the correct use of SEO in order to improve our blog. A thing we should ke...

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