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Biggest SEO Mistakes That Make You Look Foolish

Within past few years SEO has been changed with numerous SEO tactics available around. But there are some Biggest SEO Mistakes that make you look foolish. It’s really bad to follow those tactics but unknowingly you too might making those biggest seo mistakes. Want to know what are they? Any Guesses?

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Previous few years back ranking was just like to eat one cup of tea, Yes. Probably it was. Just we have to follow some simple things of SEO and with it we would be in the top of Google. People also used many Blackhat Seo techniques and also they used to negatively spin the articles but still they get higher ranking in search engines. But after the introduce of Google Algorithms by Google Web Spam Team like Panda, Penguin and the latest Hummingbird Algorithm.

Biggest SEO Mistakes:

SEO is something which can develop your site which can help you to boost your ranking and traffic whereas seo is something which can totally destroy you if not used properly. So below are some Biggest SEO Mistakes probably you are making.
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Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is probably the biggest seo mistakes that newbies often make, Keywords are the main soul behind your ranking in search engines and probably it’s really good for SEO and it’s essential for a website’s growth. I have seen in many cases that there are many bloggers who actually use keywords frankly it’s keyword stuffing to get higher in Search Engines. But the sweetness of the ranking would not be long lasted in the search engine listing, After few months or just few weeks you might be not even in 50th page of Google. It’s really worst. And Keyword Stuffing is strictly moderated and penalized by Google Algorithm. Below I have attached an example of keyword stuffing.
In the screenshot above the main keyword is “SEO Mistakes” and You could notice that first of all keyword stuffing is really awkward as it’s really looking messy and really it provides a bad readers experience. So you are now known to this stuffing matter.

SEO Over Optimization

Over Optimization is one of the biggest seo mistakes that newbies often make. They find that there are many SEO tools around and also there are many plugins available everywhere. They think that they have properly maintained the keyword density, having good seo meta, have good amount of contents with quality. But even you have passed in all this things but you are probably forgetting that you are writing for humans not for search engines and if your readers find keywords everywhere then it would be a bad impact in your readers experience for your site even if you have good ranking in search engine listing. Always remember that your article’s keyword density should not be more than 1%.

Use Of Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords were used long ago but as SEO is changing day by day it’s becoming a history. Of-course I am telling about Meta Keywords. Using Meta Keywords in your blog is probably your biggest seo mistake as you are showing your main and targeted keywords to your blog’s competitors and as it’s not used by search engines too to rank you so it would be probably a waste of time to use Meta Keywords in your blog. So in the world of competitions you must not show those highly researched keywords to your competitors as they can easily find the sources of your ideas and many things by which you are ranking.

Duplicate Contents

Having duplicate contents in your blog not only leads your blog to be totally destroyed by Google Algorithms but it’s also one of the biggest seo mistakes that often the newbies and too some bloggers make to get higher in Search Engine Listing. Search Engines Crawlers or Bots gets totally confused which to index and what to not and some tips to fix this issue is to add 301 redirect the low quality articles to the original content.


SEO is extremely good when used properly whereas destructive when used illegally. And today we have given give a list of some biggest seo mistakes that newbies often make. This are experimented tips which the new bloggers make and in some ways you might too have used this kinds of strategy. Making mistakes is not a bad thing but correcting the mistake is really essential. So remember that never use this kinds of strategies as this are the biggest seo mistakes that make you look foolish. Be safe, Be genuine. Peace and Happy Blogging

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