How To Get Your Site Recovered By Google Penalties?

 on Monday, August 7, 2017  

Google Penalties are referred to those algorithms which are launched to penalize a site which is not trustful and providing low quality contents to their readers. Google Penalties such as Panda, Penguin focus on those kind of illegal activities and to penalize them, Whereas Hummingbird Algorithm focus on high quality contents and rank them higher in search engine listing.

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Google always want their visitors to provide the best quality contents in their Listing, But there are many thousands of thousands bloggers, and webmasters who spin articles and copy them and directly paste them in their blog to get ranking. But they are forgetting that the sweetness of  ranking will not be there if they are practicing and providing low quality contents to their readers.

Recover Your Blog From Google Penalties:

Bloggers who actually practice this kinds of activities they are straight penalized byGoogle Algorithms. This are know as Google Penalties. And their traffic get’s down by 90% or so from search engines.   And recovering those sites from Google Penalties are really hard. And to make your efforts less we have prepared this article as a guide that how you could recover your site from Google Penalties. Must Read: My Secret Formula To Increase Blog Traffic By 100% When a newbie get’s penalized by Google Penalties they either stop providing contents to their readers to do something strange like leaving their blog permanently or any other things. But it’s the biggest seo mistake the newbies probably make, The main thing is that. They have to blog for their readers not for search engines and continue to provide high quality contents. Below we have provided some tips to get your site recovered by Google Penalties.

Passing Links And Authority To Another Site

Google is strictly against those sites who pass links to another sites.  For example, If your friend have a blog and you as a friend passing a link juice of Do-Follow attribute then your site might never get recovered by Google Penalties. Do take them off immediately for your betterment. Always remember that you should only give Do-Follow link juice to your internal pages not those of external pages (Other Sites).

Guest Posting on Low Authority

If you are guest posting on low authority sites like a page which has DA 2-3 and PR: 0 straight forward cancel guest posting request as it’s nor going to benefit your nor you will get traffic for your guest posting. It will cause more harm on your blog itself. Remember that you should first check the Domain Authority and PR and ranking too (if you want) to get satisfaction that you will get a high quality backlink. Always choose blogs which has PR 2 or More. If you are able to guest post on PR 7-8 or Get more high quality and authority backlinks then you might get rewarded by Google too.Recommended For You: Increase Domain Authority In 5 Simple Steps

Buying Do-Follow Links

Buying Do-Follow links will not only harm your blog, but also it will straight away move your blog from Page 1 to page 500 in Google after the Google Penalties. Google always searches for the blogs which are using this kinds of illegal strategies to boost their ranking and PR. But they are might forgetting that it’s giving a call to Google to catch you. Means If you are a thief (For Example), After you steal something you call the police to catch you. Similarly it’s just like same in Google case too. So avoid buying paid links from any sites.

High Quality Backlinks Are Missing

Google is never interested in sites which has nor high quality backlinks nor authority backlinks. As if you have Quality backlinks to your blog then it make sure Google that you are actually providing good quality contents. It’s a great trick to attract Google towards you by getting High Quality Backlinks to your blog. It doesn’t matter that how many Do-Follow and how many No-Follow backlinks you have. Both are good for SEO if used properly so always try to get backlinks through different sources and by different strategies.


Google and It’s Penalties like Penguin 2 is really smarter than before and it can harm you as much you can even imagine within few seconds of time. So try to avoid this kinds of illegal practice and always blog for your readers not for the search engines. Never give a chance to Google to slap you and directly fall your total traffic down. If you work properly then Google will not do anything but will reward you a lot by boosting your traffic by taking you to the top of Google, Only if you have good contents to your blog. Any questions regarding this article feel free to comment below we would be happy to hear from you.
How To Get Your Site Recovered By Google Penalties? 4.5 5 ABD KADIR Rusdi Monday, August 7, 2017 Google Penalties are referred to those algorithms which are launched to penalize a site which is not trustful and providing low quality...

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