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Improve Your Blog SEO Tremendously

 Improve Your Blog SEO Tremendously- Sounds really great. Today at xaxak we are going to have some discussion about improving your Blog SEO Tremendously. So sit back and enjoy the ride.
Trust, one of the most important thing which come across when buying anything from any seller. Isn’t it. Yes, and winning customers trust is really a great deal whereas if you are serious enough then you might not have much problems in handling them. It’s discussion about the world, Now let us move to the World of SEO.
Blog SEO is one of the great thing which we should keep in mind, Factors like PR (Page Rank), Alexa Ranking, etc impact directly to your clients, advertisers and your customers. Peoples often get trust while some loose trust by seeing one’s PR and Alexa Ranking. One who have good ranking is obviously providing great contents and is very popular whereas who have less ranking might face a lot of problems.

Improve Your Blog SEO:

Website ranking is probably distinguish in various ways and process and to stand in the mass bloggers we need to apply some tweaks and Blog SEO which we are going to discuss. Any problems regarding this article feel free to comment below.

Blog Domain Age

Domain Age is one of the most important factor which is used by Google in order to rank a site. Peoples who have a domain registered for lesser years will probably get lower ranking in Search Engine Queries/Results as compared to the domains which are registered for more years. Google’s one of the most secret formula to judge a blog is by checking the Domain Age.
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Peoples often create spam/string sites to spam everyone and is probably it’s domain age is registered for less time, Whereas the peoples who are quite serious enough with their blog will be going to register their domain for more time.

Backlinks For Authority Sites

Getting backlinks from authority sites gives you a great chances of ranking higher in search engines. Peoples who have authority backlinks lead the search engine result page. Try getting as much .edu and .gov sites backlinks as it will help you to rank higher in search engines.

Guest Posting

Have you ever tried Guest Posting at some other blogs? NO? Then you should give it a try. It’s really great tactic to improve your Blog SEO and it’s really essential to rank higher in Search Engines. Guest Posting is calculated among the most successful SEO Strategies and it is really a good process of winning readers trust, getting targeted visitors, and also getting authority backlinks to your blog.

Never Buy Paid Links

If you have purchased paid links from any site then you have done a big mistake? Why you know! Peoples who sell and peoples who buy both gets penalized by Google Algorithms. You may check About Google Algorithm in our SEO Guide. Buying paid links is just a waste of money as it’s the straight way to get straight penalized by Google which will destroy your blog’s traffic, and ranking too.

Blog Loading Speed

Do You Know? Loading Speed of your Blog is too a part of your Blog SEO? Have you ever tried to test it? Blogs which loads fast get’s higher ranking in Search engines compared to the blogs which loads slow. As peoples and the crawlers are busy doing their own job. If your blog is too slow then both the peoples I mean your readers and the search engine crawlers too will stop crawling and visiting your site. So it’s too essential to remove all the unwanted javascripts, css and all the UN-necessary things from your site in order to make it fast.

Internal Links

Creating Internal Links (The Links of Your Own Blog) is really essential and it can also boost your blog ranking if it is done in a proper manner. It’s essential to learn about theAnchor Links and how to implement them correctly. Be sure that you must add the internal links in your post before publishing it. It’s really important to improve your Blog SEO.

Social Media Expose

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ can help you to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and it’s really a good signal for your blog ranking. Always try to promote your posts in Social Media groups, communities, pages etc as the articles which gets high expose in Social media get’s higher ranking. It will also help you to drive massive traffic to your blog.


So today in our article we have learned how you can improve your Blog SEO tremendously, We would be back next day with another article where we will explore new and more interesting facts about SEO and Blogging. Till that, Take care. Peace and Happy Blogging

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