So you set up a business at a very early age and have gone through lots of ups and downs and now after years of hard work your business is finally showing results and you are earning quite satisfactory! Your business has a website, active in social media and loved by its customers,  What’s next? With one more step you can make your business even more popular and beneficial. How? By creating an app for it.
Apps is the future, it’s the present, t here is an app for everything! Let me share you few reasons why you should consider creating an app for your business:
  • Stay Connected with your audience 24 x 7 : When your customer has an app they can stay connected to you, finding your business on Google might be difficult because of high competition but finding you in app store could be really easy as the competition is very limited over there. Once your audience is there, and they like your app, you tend to get the same visitor coming back to your app because they have your app on their mobile!
  • Get more traffic instantly: when you have a website, your customer might bookmark your webpage and visit it once a week or even lesser, but when they have your app they will visit you lot more. You can update notifications now and then about latest offers or announcements from your business, and if the user find it interesting he/she will definitely check the link.
  • Various Benefits: The benefits are unimaginable, you can promote your product through notification, customers can easily track your inventory and order anything with just a touch. They can also book an appointment or find directions just by using your app.
  • Target for Special Events: Send push notification before few days of occasions like to get Flat 25% off on all products for this Christmas, Buy 1 get 1 free for new year, locate the nearest store! You won’t believe how fast this will expand your business.
Now that you know all the benefits about having an app for your business, we are going to tell you how to build an app that’s suits your business  the best!
  • Technical ways to make an app: There are many platforms to build apps for android or ios  to name a few there is native iOS, Appcelerator Titanium, native Android and PhoneGap.
  • Hire app developer:  This is the best option to go for, but there a few things to keep in mind before hiring an app developer, have a long meeting with the app developer, ask him/her about past clients and what kind of app your business requires, also discuss few important things like how you will be notified about ongoing of the development.
  • Understand your developer: You do have a mindset about what kind of app you need, but listen to the app developer, he is a pro, he knows what’s good for you ask him so many questions as you want from the type of app to logo and the color of the app to payment methods, almost everything.
  • Where to find the developers: You will find many Android app developers in freelance websites like or but if you are determined to go for pro only then hire a professional android or ios app developer for your business. Its better to find one in your city as it will be easy to communicate and arrange meetings, Google will serve you fine to find out best app developers in your locality.
It’s high time you expand your business and take it to new horizons, these mobile app developers could change the way you used to do business!