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SEO Strategy of 2017.

SEO Strategy are available everywhere in the internet but at this point we need to know the right path of SEO in order to get succeeded in the world of internet. 2016 is coming to an end, And no matter what you have done now we need to know what to do next. And today in this article we would be getting hang with the SEO Strategy of 2017.

Google Algorithms had totally changed the way of Blogging and doing things. New rules and regulations we have to follow and it’s essential to do in order to rank higher in Search Engines. It’s 2016, But what will going to happen by 2017? Ever thought of that? SEO is changing day by day but a little knowledge about it can make a huge difference. And with the point of that I have written this article in order to get you know about the SEO Strategy which you must follow.
Let’s See. What would be happening and which SEO Strategy you must take care.
SEO Strategy To Practice
We have made two parts in this article where there is one part where you should keep practicing to get more expose and high ranking in Search engines where in the other part we have given some point which would be giving a ticket to you to get penalized by Google Algorithms. So below are some of the Good SEO Practice which you must practice in 2017:
Start Mobile SEO
Sounds little wired but actually Mobile SEO is the term and process of optimizing your website which would be suitable for the mobile users. 90% of bloggers and webmasters are surfing through mobile days in 2-3 days or often. With the development of mobiles and technology peoples are focusing on the Mobile users compared to the PC or laptop users.
If your site is not optimized for mobiles then you have already lost 50% of the batter of SEO in 2017. It’s one of the most important SEO Strategy which would be the biggest change of 2017. Recently from BBC News it reported that there was drop of million dollars of Facebook due to the non-responsive or not much mobile optimized layout of Facebook.
When it comes to Mobile friendly website then from Layout to responsiveness it matters a lot, Think if you want to open a page in mobile which is really urgent for you and it’s taking minutes to minutes and after that you are finding that it’s layout in mobile is not good then you would probably think why would you visit this site. It happens.
So it’s really necessary to optimize your mobile as it’s being the most important SEO Strategy of 2017.
Stay Away From Black Hat SEO
Black Hat would be like a dead mosquito by 2016 where only Quality Matters than anything else. Online Marketers, Webmasters, Bloggers few years ago used most of the Black Hat SEO Strategy to get much expose in Search Engine listing. But what now?  A proper SEO campaign rather than bulk link building matters the natural links. Still Quality is the king and it would stay King forever.
If you really don’t want to be like a dead mosquito then you must leave the Black Hat SEO Strategy.
Social Media Optimization/Marketing
With over dozens of articles available around the internet, You might hear that Social Media Optimization/Marketing could be the biggest empire of SEO. Why? The more Likes, Re-tweets, +1′s you earn the more higher ranking you will get in the Search Engines. The more you have these things the more your site can rock I mean go Viral.
Google and other Search Engines decides a blog ranking with it’s effectiveness of it’s article and the Social Expose. If you have an article which has more social shares, likes, pins etc will go much viral in Search Engines. There are billions of active users on Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and if you could drive it’s 0.5% traffic also then it would be greatest impact in your blog’s traffic.
It might make your reputation little down due to over promotion of your blog but at the same time you would get higher ranking. The More Higher Ranking You Get, The More Visitors You Will Get, The More Visitors You Get The More Advertisers and Earning. So it’s your own benefit to socialize your blog.
SEO Strategy To Avoid
Now it came to the 2nd part of this SEO Strategy of 2017′s article. So what? below we have listed some SEO Strategy which you should avoid in order to rank higher in Search Engines.
Article Spinning: SEO has been totally changed with the introduction of the newest SEO Strategy and the Google Algorithms. Now Google Aim only on the Quality of the article and it’s only possible when a blogger, webmaster writes proper and genuine contents for their blog which is good for readers to read as satisfying your readers can make Google Happy and if Google is happy then in-directly or directly you would be at top of Google.
Buying Paid Links: Buying links is a straight way to alert Google that something is moving in the ocean of Google. Think Google as a shark and you a small fish. If you build natural links then you would never be caught as its safe but if you get caught building unnatural links then Google is not going to leave you at all.
Keyword Stuffing: Keyword Stuffing is a Black Hat SEO Strategy in which peoples use to add a keyword number of time in an article. The maximum density which we should keep is 2% not more than that. But some are there who cross the limit of 40% Density and it’s called Keyword Stuffing. It not only makes your readers irritated but also Google will be going to penalize you during the Google Updates.
SEO is endless like a river. It’s flowing and flowing of knowledge, We should keep learning the SEO Strategy. What Google want is Quality Articles if you are able to fulfill it then you are all right but if you keep using Black Hat then I am sorry to say but nothing can be done. Quality of your article carries 90% of your SEO. It’s the main SEO Strategy which you should follow. Keep visiting us and if you have any questions then feel free to comment. Peace and Happy Blogging
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