SEO Techniques To Make Your Blog Google Friendly

 on Sunday, August 6, 2017  

SEO Technqiues To Make Your Blog Google Friendly- Sounds Really Great! Isn’t it? Yes. Till now we you might have learned the basics of SEO with our Ultimate SEO Guide, And also we have discussed some seo techniques to perform in our blog.

Let us extend our knowledge by knowing more about SEO Techniques and SEO Optimization. You might be already aware with the Google Updates/Algorithms which are Panda, Penguin and the latest Hummingbird Algorithm. You might call it Google Updates but I call it Google Algorithms. So! With the introduce of the Algorithms it have instilled fear on the webmasters and bloggers as it has became nightmare.

SEO Techniques To Make Your Blog Google Friendly

It’s really important for you to know the the correct SEO Techniques and I am quite sure that you might have already read dozens of articles related to SEO and it’s techniques. But you must know that Google is totally changed and it’s really important to adapt with the latest seo techniques to survive the Google Algorithms.
So below are some seo techniques to make your blog Google friendly:

Focus in Article Quality

You must be aware that if you really want to rank higher in search engines like Google then you should follow certain rules. Forget about everything and just focus in your writing quality, Yes! Forget all the bots, article length etc.
Some fundas/rules of Google is you should write articles above 300 words but you can also write upto 1000000 words even more, Yes it’s true. Articles doesn’t meant to be long but it’s also matter that how much quality your article have. So always focus on the quality of your article and I am sure that you will rank higher in search engines with no dough.
Tips: Always re-check your article once you have written it with the point of your readers view. It will help you to find mistakes and any issues with your article.

Research More On Keywords

Newbies often make a mistake by not giving much value to the keywords, You should know that Keywords are the Backbone of SEO and without proper keywords you can’t rank higher in search engines. Keywords are the targeted words which is used to show the search queries and it is really a big part of SEO. There are probably many tools but among them Long Tail Pro and NEW Google Keyword Planner are the best.
Always choose the targeted and low competitive keywords so that you could rank well in search engines. Suppose (Only for Example):
1. DailySEO have an average searches of 500000 searches monthly and
2. DailySEO Blog have an average searches of 5000 searches monthly.
Then which one you are going to choose as your targeted domain? Daily SEO or DailySEO Blog? Of-course you might choose DailySEO as your keywords as it has high searches. BUT! There’s a full stop. Among the answers 20% Might say Daily SEO but those who research on keywords will be percentage of 80%. WHY? Here’s the main problem while choosing keywords.
As DailySEO Keywords have 500000 searches so obviously it has many competitors where as DailySEO Blog has 5000 avg/monthly searches. So it has less competitors. So I think you got my point! Yes. You are right. So choosing a low competitive keyword helps you to get higher ranking in Search Engines.

Proper Link Building

Among all the SEO Techniques, Link Building has much value as it is really necessary for a blog’s reputation and ranking. You know? PR (Page Rank by Google) is based on the calculation at how many backlinks a site have and among them which are having more authority. But the most important thing to know is that. Peoples always want quick results and they just see some advertisements of getting hundreds of backlinks which are high quality and they just spend their money uselessly and this is the main reason why the Bloggers get penelized by Google.
Link Building or to say Backlink should be created in a proper way and slowly and manually. Never use any bots or any auto sites which promises you to create hundreds of thousands backlink. But ultimately they are just awarded by Google with a tight kick by the Google Updates. Sorry! Don’t mind but it’s true.
Tips: Always create natural backlinks which are personally created by you not any one else, Always remember that using Auto Software/Bots to create backlinks can harm your site and ultimatelly it will affect your blog plus it’s SEO. AVOID Blackhat SEO techniques.


Hope you enjoy this article and learned some great SEO Techniques to make your blog SEO friendly. Probably I may write another article about this but will bring something more and something interesting. If you have any suggestion or any question then feel free to comment below, We would be happy to hear from you. Peace and Happy Blogging
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