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Supercharge Your Blog Traffic With 5 Simple Steps

Blog Traffic is something which is a very important part of our website, Without traffic we would not get more expose, not more expose means not good income and not good income leads to depreciation. Peoples often gets discouraged when they are new to blogging due to low amount of traffic to their blog. Either they leave blogging or they leave their site to get rotten with tons of spam.
But the main thing is now “How we can drive traffic to our blog?” isn’t this same question juggling in your mind! May be yes or may be no. Traffic can be driven by may ways and processes and till now you might heard that with high ranking we would get traffic or by promoting on social media rest going on….

Supercharge Your Blog Traffic

It’s probably really easy to setup a blog but really hard to maintain it properly and drive traffic and engage readers. In this article you would be learning that how you can supercharge your blog traffic with just 5 simple steps:
1. Drive Traffic Using Hubpages or Squidoo
Have you heard about Squidoo or Hubpages? May be yes or may not. These are the blogger networks in which peoples used to create pages of their own. Create Landing Pages for their specific keyword. And write article there and drive traffic.
In Squidoo you just have to create lens and have to drive quality traffic in it and once you get famous then you could drive effective and unstoppable traffic to your blog. Same in hubpages but little different. In hubpage you are allowed to keep a do-follow link pointed to your blog and you would be happy to know that.
Hubpage is liked by Google and it’s rapidly indexed in search engine and it is not really hard to get branch of traffic from this network. You must give it a try I am sure you would be genuinely satisfied.
2. Participate In Various Forums
Have you ever thought that you could actually drive thousands of traffic by using forums? Till now you might just have visited forums for your own purpose whether it can be getting an answer to a question or getting something valuable. But those who are active in those big forums are actually driving a massive traffic to their blog.
But Why?
Now I think this question might be moving across your mind. Once again repeating! May be yes, or may be not.
Peoples who are present in the forums leaves an impression of their blog/site with their post. In some forums you are also allowed to set up your own adsense add with the post you have published. Peoples often uses banners, promotional affiliates, coupons etc to attract the visitors to your site.
3. Earn A Jackpot By Commenting On Popular Blogs
Now here comes one of the mysterious thing which you might not have thought of. Peoples in the sake of promoting their blog and for backlinks they use to comment on the Do-Follow blogs but one thing you might not know.
You must have a list of high quality active and good blogs of your blog’s niche. And once you have published an article make sure to comment on those popular blogs. Just not commenting. Another thing is there.
Make Sure That You Are The First One To Comment On The Post so that you get more expose. Also remember to comment a really valuable comment so that others too check what you have written. If you are the first to comment then probably you would be the first and the most close to the post. And last thing to remember is to remember is to keep an link back to your site’s latest post.
4. Create Youtube Tutorials
Your first aim is to drive blog traffic. And you might know that Youtube is the largest video sharing site which is owned by Google. And serving more than billions a day. So think how much visitors you can drive.
You just have to create Youtube Tutorials which is not a big deal to deal with. It would hardly take 1 Hour for you to create an informative and robust tutorial. Video contents serve one of the most important strategy to drive traffic to your blog.
Now a days peoples search for cracks, patches etc rather than blogging tips in video sites as they could easily get blogging tips or tips to drive traffic or etc. So you could start uploading video tutorials which are based on cracks or anything else. Peoples have more interest in those stuffs. And then smartly at the beginning of the video and the beginning of the description of the tutorial make sure to highlight your blog in it so that people see your blog first then the tutorial.
By this you could easily drive traffic to your blog. It’s really an easy and effective formula.


This methods to drive traffic to your blog is really effective and probably new to you. But with this formulas you could drive massive traffic. Make sure to try this strategies. And if you have any more unique suggestion or any question regarding this then feel free to comment. Peace and Happy Blogging
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