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WordPress Tools For Simplifying SEO

Search Engine Optimization is much more convenient for them who have an idea of what to do to optimize their opportunity of getting noticed by the users than those people who don’t have much knowledge about the SEO.
It seems easy when you go through the materials but when you actually have to implement it you will understand that it is not so easy after all. While working on the SEO strategies you have to put in a lot of hard work and effort.
Most of us don’t try to go the hard way instead choose the black hat site to get higher ranking but that is not a good practice so if you don’t understand how to make the strategies work then ask for expert help.
So, to simplify the complicated SEO process you can use the SEO tools which are available for free. Here are some of them which can help you in the process –

Impromptu articles getting published

It is not necessary always to provide rich content or maintain the same quality standard for all the posts. Instead what you can do is post your view on recent news item in the industry or maybe sharing a review on the business book that you came through recently.
You can always inspire others by posting your personal story about how you overcame the business hurdles and what implications it had on your business growth. This doesn’t need much time and even the quality doesn’t matter much if the story you are publishing is inspirational.

Using theme which are SEO friendly

All your effort will come to zero if the search engine cannot find your site. So, your code must be simple so that it can be sorted out by the search engines and they are able to find your blogs which have all these rich contents. You can pay a huge amount for a very good SEO optimized theme but selecting one with cluttered theme will only worsen situation rather than helping the purpose.

Checking and getting internal links repaired

If there are too many broken links on your site then the search engine won’t be able to track you and will lead to less traffic as it will not be listed on the top of the listing. So to save your day what you can do is install the plugin known as “Broken Link Checker” which will help you to notify the broken links in your site. Once you know which one is broken you can just go ahead and fix those.

Using plugins

There are many plugins which can help you in increasing the Search Engine Optimization of your website and take it yes for sure you would be taking it to the next level. You probably have a Top SEO Plugin named “All in one SEO plugin” which will instantly improve SEO for your overall site and even the chances of enhancing the SEO for your personal blogs will increase with the help of this. It is very easy to use and you won’t require much help to implement it.
Now, you just need to use this WordPress tools and get simplified SEO.
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