Your Cheat Sheet To Build An Authority Blog

 on Tuesday, August 8, 2017  

It is probably your dream to lead the leaders in blogging by building an authority blog but ultimately failed to do it. Writing daily is easy but to build an authority blog is really hard task to do. And today we would be learning some great ways by which you too can be able to build an authority blog.

By building an authority blog you not only gain users trust easily but you could also earn respect from other fellow bloggers and webmasters. For an example think about Pro Blogger, like Darren Rowse who is able to earn thousands of dollars from his home itself by spreading useful and resourceful things. And you could be one of them too if you follow some rules and regulations and build your authority blog.

Build And Authority Blog:

Today’s article is really different not that old school techniques. We would be learning many new things here in this article and if you are really serious about your blog then I would recommend you to read this article full.

Impress Your Readers Not Search Engines

Blogging meant to share knowledge and get inspirations and to learn new things, But Bloggers often the newbies forget this and they try to make Google Happy by using illegal/fake methods like Spinning the Articles , but ultimately they fail to make their readers happy and too the search engines and all dream of making authority blog goes down. With the introduction of Google Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, It’s probably been a night mare in the minds of Bloggers. But as the newbies are not aware about these updates that’s why they keep on practicing those kinds of illegal methods.
Readers are the one who come to your blog in order to learn new things and it’s your duty to give the knowledge about what they want to learn and if you make your readers happy then ultimately you will make Google and Other Search engines Happy. Alwayswrite Quality Contents for your readers which would force them to get attracted to your blog regularly and to socialize your blog.

Don’t Shy To Ask Peoples To Comment

Most of the peoples shy or be afraid to ask peoples to comment in their blog, But it’s not a big deal to do so, And it’s not too as you are just asking peoples to comment and share your article in order to spread your blog to their friends and friends of friends. This will not only help you to build authority in your blog by having more comments than usual.

Don’t Give Up While Promoting

Peoples are just afraid of promoting their blog as they have several dough and several excuses. But remember that Articles which has more Social Share and Counts initially get higher ranking in Google, As it’s a way to calculate that which blog has more social expose and if you are able to meet their requirement then no dough you will be at Top of Google. So don’t afraid or don’t give up while promoting. Promote as much as you can so that you would get high traffic too. You should promote your articles in Social Sites like Facebook (Groups, Pages), Twitter (Use Hashtag To Promote, Promote Using Various Tactics) Google Plus ( Promote On Communities). These would not increases chance to make your authority blog but also help you to be famous

Build Up Your Own Reputation

If you are unable to build your own reputation in this world of Blogging then I am afraid that you might not be able to be stable here. Try to gain trust from peoples as much as you can. Organize Giveaways, Contents in your blog to engage more users in your blog. And make sure to reward them Quality Things not Fake. Never try to Cheat others as it’s really a bad habit and it will totally leave a bad impression.

Participate In Bloggers Meet

Bloggers meet is a meet where Bloggers from various parts of world gather to share their knowledge and get more experience from others bloggers. Try to participate in this kinds of programs and it would make yourself as an authority Blogger. You could too organize a Blogger Meet if you have Good Amount of Blogger Friends.

Share Your Knowledge In Events

If there is any event in your local then you could join that event too and share your knowledge about a particular topic there it would make you highlighted there and you can too promote your blog to those hundreds of thousand peoples.


These tips will not only make yourself an authority but also would show you right path in your life. I would recommend you to follow these things so that you could reach to the point of success in your life. Now we would end this article and will be back soon. And thanks for reading this article. Peace and Happy Blogging
Your Cheat Sheet To Build An Authority Blog 4.5 5 ABD KADIR Rusdi Tuesday, August 8, 2017 It is probably your dream to lead the leaders in blogging by building an authority blog but ultimately failed to do it. Writing daily is ea...

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