Sunday, October 22, 2017

New Gadget For The New Year

When my son asked me what will I get him if he scores in his UPSR, my answer was simple – “We will discuss about it only after you get 5As”. Well, he did. This is the first time I did not promise him anything, but yet he managed to excel. I think he got my message – It’s only negotiable when he got it.

He paid more attention in class and he followed his study schedule to the minute.
To cut the story short (actually I am not used to the touch screen keyboard), he asked for PlayStation Vita. It’s not that expensive, but since we already have a PS3 at home, a Vita would really burn a hole in my pocket especially when the price of a new game is equal to PS3. So I told him that I would get him a set, but he need to buy the games himself since we already have PS3. He understands the value of money and he knows that he can’t afford the game with his pocket money, so he told me his second choice. Either an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab.
I proposed the tab since I am not an apple fan. He agreed, and this post is my first post from his Galaxy Tab using a WordPress application :)

Above is a screen capture of an image I took while browsing in Firefox while the below is a picture I took with the tablet’s camera.

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