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4 CIA rivals in organization of spionase

1. SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedk) - Russia

Russia has a formidable espionage tradition when it saw at the time of the Soviet Union that is KGB. But after the Soviet Union collapsed, the KGB divided into smaller organizations with limited strength. After KGB ex Vladimir Putin took power, the SVR began to appear and seemed to restore the power of espionage that had once prevailed while still being named the KGB. The Russian espionage level returned to the level during the cold war. The SVR is suspected of having a role in the assassination of former Alexander Litvinenko's agent in London in 2007. But Putin rejected the allegations and instead praised the SVR as one of the most professional organizations and organizations with effective use. In fact, intelligence agents are one of Putin's most powerful political groups in Russia and many of the former KGBs are in key positions in government.

2. The Mossad - Israel

The Mossad has the main task of fighting Islamic terrorists and evacuating Jewish refugees. The Mossad, when translated into English, then has the meaning of "The Institute". The Mossad has a reputation for their extraordinary skill and aggressiveness in fighting their opponents. Some of the things that have been done by the Mossad that made the world of terror include kidnapping one of the leaders of Nazi Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, the assassination of Israeli athlete assassin plotters in munich in 1972, and the murder of senior Hamas using explosive mobile phone in 1996. Mossad also actively evacuate Jews who want to immigrate to Israel. In 1990, Mossad made organizational transparency by announcing the name of the director, but when under Ariel Sharon, Mossad again became an organization with a secret operation.

3. Ministry of State Security (MSS) - China

MSS has a structure similar to that of the KGB at the time of the former Soviet Union. MSS works in areas of industrial espionage, data analysis, and overseas security. Trusted by many observers that Chinese espionage leads to the United States especially in the field of military technology and high technology in the field of industry. Unlike the more western espionage assigned to obtain a complete secret, Chinese espionage is assigned to obtain a number which is a small part of the last secret in the end, the small parts are collected into 1 whole. extraordinarily, many sources whose secrets are drained away by MSS do not know that they have surrendered their secrets to MSS and with so many china, china and china diplomats to the west each year making the MSS even more difficult to detect. In September 2007, the US announced that the database of their defense department had been hacked by China. England and Germany also announced a similar thing.

4. Secret Intelligence Service (M16) - English

After 9/11 terror, 1600 agents worked to counter terrorism. Since then there has been rapid recruitment of agents to increase the number of agents. This is clearly very different from the way SIS recruits in the former Cold War era where recruitment was held secretly and took only the best graduates from Oxford or Cambridge who had the potential to work in intelligence. According to British media, the M16 teamed up with the CIA in pursuit of targeted terrorists and the M16 was also allegedly trying to influence Russian domestic political power. But many observers say the M16 is not a great espionage organization as it once was.

5 The Most Strange Gift / Gift Story in the World

Ordinary giving is given to someone because he has a service or has done what is beneficial for his country or his company well the following appreciation stories may make you feel strange as the award given is not unusual to know what appreciation is refer to below.

1. The website offers $ 1M For anyone who can prove to have slept with Men
Jets quarterback Tim Tebo managed to keep his work after living with a luxurious lifestyle as a professional athlete. Well One of's sensational websites apparently wants to challenge it, this site will provide large amounts of money to women who can prove that he has slept with Tim Tebo.

2. Employee Insurance in the sex offer overnight
An insurance company in Germany decided to reward each of his outstanding performers by giving a sex party to prostitutes. According to the insurance company, providing a sex party to an accomplished employee is the most effective way of rewarding an outstanding employee.

3. Schools provide cars to students who diligently attend school
A school in Fort Worth, Texas provides a Chevrolet Gull car for students who are diligent in school, but this car will be provided if the student has been granted a legal car license.

4. A Fugitive gives himself for $ 100
A fugitive Taliban commander Mohammad Asan surrendered when he looked at the poster that put on his face and promised the $ 100 bill, Mohammad Asan chose to surrender and ask for the $ 100 it was given to him.

5. The Most Generous World Boss Gives $ 15 Million Gifts to Employees
A big boss in Australia rewards nearly 2,000 employees to commemorate 66 years of company sales. Some employees were surprised by what his boss did. Bonuses, averaging $ 8,500, are based on years of service. Some workers receive $ 30,000 to $ 100,000 each.

May 29: The Best Islamic Army Conquers Constantinople

May 29th is a happy day for Muslims once when the Muslim army led by a young sultan has succeeded in capturing the city of Constantinople.

May 29: The Best Islamic Army Conquers Constantinople

The city of Constantinople that is recognized as Istanbul is now one of the historic city of the world that was fostered by the Emperor of Rom Emperor Constantine title in 330 AD.

This highly strategic city in terms of administration, economy and military becomes the dream of world governments to gain this region including the leader and commander of France Napoleon Bonaparte.

He once said that if the world is a country, then Constantinople is the most worthy city to be its capital.

In the fold of Islamic history, this city's conquest attempt has been carried out by the Islamic army since the time of the Umayyad Empire in 44 Hijrah.

The series of warfare has continued so that the reign of the Abbasid Empire included during the reign of the Caliph Harun ar-Rashid on 190 Hijrah.

However successful the attempt was broken by the enemy soldiers.

During the reign of Uthmaniyyah, Sultan Muhammad bin Murad Bin Muhammad Bin Bayazid (Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh) succeeded in conquering the city of Costantinople when he was 21 years old.

After boarding the throne in place of his father, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh has been studying the city of Costantinople every night to recognize the point of weakness as well as settling in secret around the wall area.

He directed the coaching of thermodynamic warfare equipment such as a large cannon that could shoot 300-pound bombs as far as 1 stone in preparation for war.

Beginning April 19, 1453, wars erupted between Muslims against the Orthodox Christian army under the Byzantine Empire.

The wall of the city so firmly nurtured in layers is very difficult to be penetrated by Muslims when it caused Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh to direct the use of the tower moves higher than the Byzantine side wall containing hundreds of armies.

However, the Byzantine Army was successful in destroying the tower and blocking the Muslims' camp.

Not enough with that, the Byzantine army has been assisted by the Pope Vatican (Rom) army troop who reached the Golden Horn Bay waters by stretching the iron chain causing Muslims to be unable to escape.

When this happens the situation becomes a meaningful point in the history of world war if Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh used his wisdom by ordering 72 warships transported past the mountain before it was launched into the waters of Golden Horn Bay.

This tactic is recognized by Western historians as among the best warfare tactics in the world.

The Islamic army kept mara, shooting enemy warships using cannons and spreading the city's defensive walls.

Some parts of the Islamic army were martyred when they climbed the wall of the camp causing the others to lose their spirit to continue fighting.

However, the suspicion of one of the main Muslim armies, Hasan Ulubate chaired a small group of 30 Janassari tanks daringly opened and jumped into the enemy camp and then ran the flag of Islam there.

Although they were martyred by arrows, their blood splashes have enliven the tremendous energies of the Islamic armies once gushed through the ripples through the Byzantine defense while witching the words "Allahu Akbar".

At that time, the enemy was informed that another Islamic army had succeeded in extracting the tunnel to enter the city.

Finally, the patience and passion that existed in the Muslims, has captured the staunchly powerful city under the Rom and Byzantine governments for centuries.

Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh smeared the soil to his forehead while performing prostrations of gratitude for the victory.

It was from this moment that the King was given the title "Al-Fateh" which gave a meaning to win because his glory freed Constantinople.

Between the secrets of his triumph and fortitude, scholars and scholars such as Sheikh Semsuddin who was a teacher to Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh were brought in during the war to burn the spirit of jihad of the Islamic army.

You have made scholars and intellectuals their advisers and often ask for views rather than them.

The gloriousness of Muslims captured the city of Kostantinople under the reign of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh has been heard in the hadith of the Prophet S.A.W.

"Constantinople (now Istanbul) will fall into the hands of the Islamic army.

"His king is the best of kings, his army is the best of the army." (Hadith Imam Ahmad's Hadith).

Hopefully useful.

Bridge to Dutungan Island

Dutungan island is one of exotic and beauty insland in South Sulawesi , It has a silent island and clean beach without traffic jam, or sound pollution.

You can go there from makassar you need only two hours time with car

What do you think about this place , will you miss it ,  just go and try this island , so unique and you will fell enjoy and relax in this place


Traffic jam in Jakarta

This foto taken from 1997 and the road was got a traffic jam this from jalan sudirman

Thunder from the window

this photo taken form the window at the hotel in Jakarta . The thunder is so high and maybe until the land

Ayam Betutu in Bali

This the most famous chicken Food in Bali we call this ayam betutu, if you visit Bali you must try this food, and enjoy the adventure to the best taste of chicken food


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